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Royal Dogs Boarding & Training is dedicated to providing your furry friend the top level of care throughout each and every service. Check out our full offerings below, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.


We offer dog boarding in beautiful Poway, CA. As a dog owner myself, I understand how stressful it can be to part ways with our pups, so we cater to your dog like we do our own and make sure they are as comfortable as can be.

Your dog(s) are kept in our home, not a facility.

Training is incorporated into all boarding stays, for all dogs. We cater the training to your dog's needs, but all include basic commands, socialization, and house manners.

Unless otherwise stated, all dogs being boarded will participate in group activities at no additional cost, allowing them to play and socialize indoors and/or outdoors with the whole gang as well as enjoying outings.


We specialize in dogs with separation anxiety, and high energy working breeds!

Can your dog not be home alone, does he/she cry when you leave the room, or have destructive behaviors?

We can help!

We do extensive socialization for all dogs.

Training is incorporated into all boarding stays, for all dogs. We cater the training to your dog's needs, but all include basic commands, socialization, and house manners.

Puppies 8 weeks-10 months

*We can safely accommodate puppies that are under 16 weeks of age that have not finished their vaccinations.*

We have a separate yard and area in the house that is cleaned multiple times a day with special cleaner specifically for killing off any possible disease a puppy could catch. 

While with us your puppy will be extensively socialized, learn how to communicate with other dogs, while working on potty training, house manners, basic commands, and self-control. 

For puppies over 16 weeks that are done with their vaccinations, they will get to join the other dogs in play groups and outings while getting additional training. They will learn car manners, more advanced, off leash commands, as well as continuing house training as needed. 

At this age we can also start bringing them out in public places, if you would like. 

Day Care

We only offer day care on a preset-up schedule, and to previous boarding clients.

 Day care includes basic training, and any activities going on that given day. 

Pick up/Drop off

We can pick up and/or drop off your dog(s) for day care or boarding. 


All dogs staying with us for boarding, training, or day care get to partake in our daily activity, as long as they are physically up for it, and you are okay with it. 

We either do a hiking adventure or a pond trip. 

Hikes are a minimum of 2 miles, and we have multiple locations we rotate between. During hikes we work on leash walking and off leash commands, depending on where your dog is with their obedience.

*Hiking trips are either done in the early morning or evening during the summer to avoid the heat. If you drop off/pick up before those times, your dog will not get to participate for the day in that activity but will still get lots of play/training time. *

The pond is an acre fully fenced, private area across the street from our location. 

Dogs LOVE to swim, chase ducks, bark, and get to be free dogs while there.

All dogs are off leash while at the pond and carefully supervised. We work on advanced commands while at the pond.

Dogs are dog tired and happy after!

If your furkid is with us for day care, they will be hosed off and sprayed with dry shampoo/dog perfume after but might still be a bit dirty if they went swimming.

If your furkid is with us for boarding, they will be given a bath and brushed out before going home.

*All dogs are checked daily for foxtails!*

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