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Meet Marina!


I’m a professionally trained and certified dog trainer, behaviorist, and the owner of Royal Dogs Boarding & Training, Inc.

I have been working with dogs since childhood (over 30 years!), teaching and training them. Growing up my mom owned and operated a dog rescue and I helped with the dogs daily. This gave me experience with dogs of all sizes, temperaments, and age.

I am home all day and spend it playing with and training dogs. I love being outside in my large fenced in yard with the dogs and watching them have a good time. After play and training sessions we go inside to the cool AC for a break and treat.
All dogs become a part of my family during their time here. They have multiple kinds of comfy beds and a couch they can lay on in a room dedicated just to them. Some dogs would rather sleep in the living room on the couch, and some sleep-in bed with me!
I do have multiple size crates that I utilize when an owner asks for their dog to be crated at night, or if here for training.
I am flexible, and above all, want your furbaby to feel like this is their home away from home.
We enjoy hiking and a private pond a couple times a week as well.
Dogs are my world, and I would love to add yours to it. All my dogs professionally trained and get along with dogs of all ages and sizes. They know how to help with socialization.

Meet Sasha!


Sasha is the head dog around here.

She is great to have around dogs that are learning to socialize, train, play, and just about anything else you can think of.

Sasha quickly, yet gently, corrects undesirable behaviors and teaches what is expected of dogs.

She plays with everyone and makes sure everyone is playing fairly. 

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